At least five “Barack Obamas” are vying to stand in October local elections in Brazil, the newspaper O Globo reported, as Brazilian candidates seek to ride on the popularity of the US presidential contender.


The politicians hoping to win municipal councillor positions have asked electoral authorities to register them on ballots with variations of Obama's name.

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One, Natalino Braz, wants to be known simply as “Obama” to voters in her small community near Rio de Janeiro, while Epaminondas Bernardes do Nascimento, competing for a seat in country town inside Sao Paulo state, lodged a request to become “Brazilian Epaminondas Obama,” the daily wrote Tuesday.

Davi Cardoso, standing for local office in Pompeu in Minas Gerais state, wants to be presented as “Davi, the Obama of the community.”

A “Barak Obama” — that's Barak and not Barack with a C — will be fronting for candidate Jovelino Selis in Parana state.

Alexandre Nunes Jacinto, angling to be “Alexandre Barack Obama” in his town of Petrolina, claimed his physical appearance and oratory skills lent even more weight to his political homage.

“It was my idea to use Barack Obama's name. I am going to be the same as that guy. Initially, everybody thought it was a joke, but now instead of Alexandre, they're calling me Barack,” he said.

A sixth would-be Obama, Claudio Henrique dos Anjos, who wants to become mayor of a town near Rio de Janeiro, had his application to be listed as “Barack Obama of Belford Roxo” rejected because of irregularities over his party affiliation.

Five 'Obamas' contesting Brazil elections