It's five years since US President George W Bush stood before the infamous 'Mission Accomplished' banner, to declare an end to major combat in Iraq.


It's an awkward anniversary for an administration which has taken the country into one of the most unpopular and costly conflicts in US history.

The giant banner on the bridge of an aircraft carrier, provided the perfect backdrop for the President's bold claim.

Just six weeks after ordering the invasion of Iraq, a triumphant George Bush made the declaration that has come to haunt him.

“Major combat operations in Iraq have ended in the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed,” the president said.

'More specific banner needed'

That was then; today the White House had a new take on what that banner really meant.

“The banner should have been much more specific and said, “Mission Accomplished” for these sailors who are on this ship, on their mission',” explained press secretary Dana Perino.

But outside the White House, anti-war protestors weren't buying the administration's attempt to backtrack.

“Four thousand Americans dead, three trillion dollars we will spend on this war when its all said and done according to a Nobel prize winning economist and John McCain says 100 years,” they said.

“We ask you Mr President Mission Accomplished?”

With the mission in Iraq far from over, and the US death toll steadily climbing, the man responsible can now make another claim – to being the most unpopular President in modern US history.

Bush popularity hits new low

A new CNN poll shows George W Bush has a 71 per cent disapproval rating, well ahead of Richard Nixon at 66 per cent and Harry Truman at 67 per cent.

Not surprisingly, Democrats have been making the most of it.

“Five years ago today, President Bush made an outrageous claim, a claim that has become the symbol of his incompetence and failure in Iraq,” said senator Frank Lautenberg.

In Iraq, the killings continue: one American soldier and nine Iraqi civilians, including three women and a child died in this bomb blast in Baghdad.

And there were up to two dozen more deaths in Sadr City, where US and Iraqi forces are still trying to put down the Mehdi Army miltia.

Mission Accomplished? Iraq five years on