Western Australia's controversial construction union has launched a fierce attack on the Labor Party, accusing its leaders of lying about their plans for industrial relations.


In an exclusive interview with SBS, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) secretary Kevin Reynolds says that $400,000 given nationally to Labor’s election campaign has brought them no gain.

“What've we got in return? Lies, deception and attacks on our senior officials. So I'm not very happy with them,” Mr Reynolds said.

When asked who he was accusing of lies and deception he responded with “Rudd. Gillard.”

Mr Reynolds says Labor Leader Kevin Rudd and Deputy Julia Gillard promised to abolish AWA’s, the building industry watchdog the ABCC and increase union right of entry to worksites.

“They’ve just backflipped on every one of those conditions,” Mr Reynolds said.

Promises untrue

Deputy Labor Leader Julia Gillard is denying the promises were made.

“If Mr Reynolds is suggesting that either I or Kevin Rudd gave him specific undertakings then that's completely untrue.

“We decided to get the balance in the dead centre in the national interest. That's what we've done. Mr Reynolds obviously disagrees with that decision, that's a matter for him,” Ms Gillard said.

Expects Howard to be gone

Mr Reynolds' attack follows the Labor party’s expulsion of his colleague Joe McDonald last week.

Mr McDonald was dumped for comments he made about Prime Minister John Howard.

“John's gone, do you know that? I'll be back. How do you like it? I'll be back,” Mr McDonald said.

Mr Reynolds is defending his colleague.

“He's an elected official and the only time Joe'll go anywhere is when his members say they don't want him anymore.

“Every trade unionist in this country expects Howard to be gone. We've put a lot of money, a lot of effort in to getting rid of Howard to get the Labor Party in,” Mr Reynolds said.

Mr McDonald is the focus of Liberal Party advertisements attacking union power in Western Australia.

The controversial unionist has so far been acquitted of one of six trespassing trials he is facing.

Mr Reynolds went on to dismiss the effects of a Labor front bench dominated by unionists.

“70 per cent of that 70 per cent have forgotten where they come from. A lot of them weren't much good as union officials and they don't have any union bones left in their body,” Mr Reynolds said.

Union attacks Labor leaders